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Slipping Dentures

Q: My denture keeps slipping and I think my face is sagging, what is going on and can it be fixed?

A: With all the advances in dentistry today, fewer of us need full dentures. We’re simply keeping more teeth longer. But life with dentures is now much improved. Materials are sleeker and fit more comfortably.

Now dentures can be custom-made to blend with your skin, hair and eye color, and look as natural as you want. If you attend to your dentures over time — meaning see the dentist to adjust them as changes in your mouth occur — you’ll enjoy strong, secure function for years.

Even the best denture, though, won’t last forever. As you age, and particularly if you wear dentures, your jawbone begins to shrink and the muscles that help your jaws close can shorten. This is called “overclosure” or collapsed bite — a condition where the lower jaw closes too far before the teeth make contact.

Overclosure can make you look older and give your face that sagging appearance. It can also cause you to chew your food differently. An ill-fitting denture and overclosed bite results in a squashed, flabby and older-looking face.

Don’t worry there is help to be had. Replacing dentures every five to 10 years is a good idea. After all, we’re living full well into our ‘80s and ‘90s. You wouldn’t wear the same glasses without having them checked periodically. Dentures are no different.

Relines and adjustments can help make you more comfortable. We adjust what we call “vertical height” — essentially a face-lift without the surgery.

Consider what your denture has gone through, and call us with your questions. You can reach Dr. Eck at (239)389-9400.