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A major problem that plagues older patients is permanent gum deterioration and loss. Gum loss occurs from a variety of factors but often happens as a result of periodontal disease. With periodontal disease, a form of bacteria infects the gums and causes conditions like swelling, discoloration, receding, bleeding, and the eventual weakening and deterioration. When this happens, the teeth become weakened and can become detached from the gums and jawbone.

To help patients avoid this loss, Bonita Dental Care offers LANAP treatment.

What Is It?

LANAP treatment is an FDA-approved laser protocol that helps restore gum tissue to stop loss. Many individuals sign up for this treatment because it doesn’t employ the methods of regular surgery. There is no cutting, slicing, and significantly less bleeding than seen with a surgical laser treatment. Healing times are also shorter, so patients can enjoy regular activities like eating, drinking, and speaking without pain or embarrassment.

How It Works

LANAP treatment uses a specialized laser called the PerioLase MVP-7. The PerioLase MVP-7 is free-running and variably pulsed. Each one of the seven pulses is used to serve a different function. People can consider each of the pulses to be a different laser that eliminates decay, kill bacteria, and remove the source of irritation.

The use of the lasers slows or even stops attachment loss, which is when the gums pull away from the teeth. In many cases, it can also help with decreasing pocket depth as well. The goal of using the lasers is to have a cleaner procedure that doesn’t hurt patients but still kills bacteria.

The Benefits

Patients who opt to use the LANAP treatment experience numerous benefits, particularly during the healing process. Most of our patients at Bonita Dental Care prefer the procedure because there isn’t the looming reality of regular scalpels, which often make people nervous, especially if they already fear the dentist. The regeneration of gum tissue is also more likely, and individuals experience little to no pain or discomfort following the procedure, which is important for regular recovery.

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