Gum Recession

Gum Recession

Few people underestimate just how important the gums are to oral health and wellness. These soft tissues not only help secure the teeth in place, but also form most of the mouth and are necessary to support the jawbone and facilitate basic chewing, speaking, and drinking. When the gums suffer because of poor oral health and hygiene, it can result in serious problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, and bacterial infections.

One of the many problems that can strike the teeth is gum recession. In many cases, gum recession occurs because of periodontal disease. For some people, though, it happens because they naturally have long teeth or weak gums. Because gum recession occurs gradually, many individuals don’t realize they have the condition until it is already quite severe.

Symptoms of Receding Gums

There are several symptoms that indicate when a person is suffering from this problem. One of the most common is when the teeth seem exceptionally long are large, because more of the material has been exposed as the gums shrink and pull away from the teeth.

Another sign is exposed roots. When the long roots of the teeth become exposed, they can be uncomfortable and sensitive, resulting in poorer hygiene because individuals might struggle to brush and floss.

A final symptom of receding gums is when the teeth become loose. This is the most worrying sign because it means there is so little gum that the teeth have started to weaken and could be pulling out of the jawbone. The problem needs to be treated immediately if the patient wants to keep their teeth.


Here at Bonita Dental Care, we often see patients who are in the early stages of having their gums recede. We, therefore, offer effective treatment to help these individuals preserve oral health and wellness. The biggest advantage we can provide is a deep and thorough gum cleaning that eliminates the plaque that has built up around the teeth and in pockets of the gums. Antibiotics can be used to kill bacteria. If this isn’t enough, then the dentist can plan gum restorative surgery.

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