Done In One™

Done In One™

Dental implants are an excellent solution for someone suffering from tooth loss. During the procedure, a patient has their gum and jawbone health assessed and can then receive a permanent composite root and tooth that will help them chew, smile, and overall retain their oral health and wellness. The one aspect of this process that can be frustrating for patients, though, is that it can take several weeks. This is because the mold needs to be created of a person’s existing teeth, and then the synthetic tooth needs to be created.

Here at Bonita Dental Care, we offer a solution for patients who don’t want to wait: Done In One™️. Done In One is a patented process that utilizes the knowledge and resources of many professionals to ensure patients receive full mouth reconstruction in as little as 48 hours.

What It Is

The purpose of Done In One is to create full mouth implant bridges to help individuals who suffer from severe tooth loss. Sometimes this loss is caused by a physical accident or injury, but it can also occur because of advanced decay following poor oral health and hygiene. To create this bridge, patients need to schedule an appointment with a qualified dentist to have their mouth examined and then measured for the mold.

Not everyone qualifies for this process. The main requirement is a mouth that is still healthy enough to support the bridge. So, a qualified patient is someone who still has healthy gums and a strong jawbone that can support the implants. An individual who lost their teeth to advanced decay might not qualify, as the gums could be ravaged by periodontal disease that causes swelling, weakening, and infection.

How It Works

Done In One has an entire company’s professional team behind the bridge creation. X-rays are taken of the mouth and digitized. The company can then create a model for the bridge, develop and create it, and then have the teeth colored and molded by professional ceramists. It is then sent to the dentist in less than 48 hours and installed in the mouth so the patient can get back to eating, drinking, speaking, and otherwise enjoying their life.

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